Frequently Asked Questions & Frequently Given Answers

What ciders do you have and will you have others?
We have started with four ciders: BOLD ROCK Virginia Apple, BOLD ROCK Virginia Draft, CRIMSON RIDGE Vat No.1 and CRIMSON RIDGE Vintage Dry.  See the "Our Ciders" for tasting notes and watch for special and seasonal ciders in the future. 

Help! I can’t find Bold Rock or Crimson Ridge in stores or restaurants near where I live.  What can I do?
We feel your pain.  We have distribution in Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, and West Virginia. Just recently we have added distribution in Philadelphia, PA, and in Charlotte, Greensboro, and Asheville, NC. If we're not at a location near you, we will get to you as fast as we can!  Until we do, that’s a great reason for a road trip to see us!  Our cidery in central Virginia is near Wintergreen Resort in Nelson County.  Larger cities near us are Charlottesville, Waynesboro and Lynchburg. Visit us and stock up!  If Bold Rock is not at your local restaurant, pub or store, ask them why the heck not! Some business owners may not know that Bold Rock is a local hard cider using Virginia apples and is available in 6-packs and 12-packs and kegs (and our Crimson Ridge premium hard ciders in 750ml bottles).

Am I the only one, or do other people get confused about the definitions of hard cider, sweet cider, apple juice and cider?
No, it is confusing!  In colonial America, people referred to the alcoholic beverage made from fermented apples as just “cider” and most other countries still say "cider" when they are referring to the fermented alcoholic beverage.  However, in an attempt to get Americans to decrease consumption of alcohol around Prohibition years, the term “cider” began to be used to refer to unprocessed apple juice, which doesn’t have alcohol to start, but which can ferment given time.  The confusion has been there ever since, but here are some definitions that should help:

Hard Cider is apple juice that has gone through a fermentation process in which its sugars have turned into alcohol.  Just as wine is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grape juice, hard cider is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented apple juice.

Sweet Cider is apple juice that has not been processed, stabilized, or filtered, often leaving it cloudy and brownish.  Although it does not have alcohol in it initially, since it is not pasteurized or processed, it could begin to ferment in time.

Apple Juice is the liquid (juice) pressed from apples.  Most apple juice found in stores has been filtered and pasteurized.

Cider can refer to either hard cider or sweet cider in the U. S. because there is no standard definition for all states.  Other countries tend to use the term “cider” for the alcoholic beverage and “apple juice” for the non-alcoholic beverage and not use the terms “hard cider” or “sweet cider” at all.

What are the differences in wine, hard cider, and beer?
Here is a chart that gives some information.  An asterisk * indicates it isn’t always the case.

Wine Hard Cider Beer
Alcohol/Volume 12-15%* 4-7%* 4-6%*
Fermentation Yes Yes Yes
Apples No Yes No
Malt & Hops No No Yes
Carbonation No* Yes* Yes

Hey! Is Bold Rock a hard cider company, farm winery, pub, or what?
We are a hard cider company with a farm winery designation according to our Virginia ABC license.  Our farm lies on 50 acres of land along the Rockfish River in a prime apple-growing region of Virginia.  We have planted apple trees on our farm, have apple orchards off site, and purchase apples from local growers.  Construction is wrapping up on our permanent timber frame cidery on the ridge overlooking the Rockfish River. Besides making our ciders there, we will have a kitchen with light food complimenting our ciders.  We’re aleady making, bottling and distributing hard cider from new cider barn.  Right now you’re welcome to visit our original tasting room for tastings and tours of our new building between 11 am and 6 pm every day.  Watch our Facebook page at for progress on our new cidery building.  There is much more to come!

How can I find out about music and events where Bold Rock hard ciders will be?
(1) Click on a calendar date for information. (2) Follow us on Twitter. (3) Like us on Facebook and check the events calendar and postings there. (4) Watch for advertisements of special events in local papers. (5) Visit us and we’ll be glad to let you know about upcoming events.

Do you offer tastings and have tours?
Applesolutely!  We enjoy showing folks around our cidery and love talking about cider.  We’re open to the public for sales, tours and tastings seven days a week from 11am to 6pm.

Are Bold Rock hard ciders vegan? Kosher? Gluten-free?
Our ciders do not have animal products or dairy products of any kind in them.   We are not certified Kosher, but our cider production equipment is solely dedicated to cider-making.  Bold Rock ciders are completely and naturally gluten-free with no wheat, spelt, barley, rye, or malts.

What do you do to promote responsible drinking?
Bold Rock is proud to make and sell premium hard ciders for adults of legal drinking age to enjoy responsibly. We follow all laws for selling and serving alcoholic beverages strictly with special attention to preventing underage drinking and over consumption.  We do not direct our advertising to children or underage adults and don’t sponsor school events, youth clubs, or university groups.  The age verification to enter our website, serves as a reminder that hard cider is an alcoholic beverage and that we only serve and sell Bold Rock to people 21 and over (the legal drinking age). The following sites have more information on responsible drinking:,, and

Would Bold Rock donate to our worthy cause?
We show our appreciation and support of the local communities where our ciders are sold by giving a portion of our profit to non-profit community groups in our distribution area.  Our community page has details on our donations policy. 

How can I find out more about Bold Rock if my questions haven't been answered here?
If not answered elsewhere on our site, email questions and comments to and we’ll reply as soon as we can.  You are also welcome to visit us at our cidery or call (434) 361-1030.  We try to answer the phone ourselves, but can’t always get to every call right away. If you need to leave a message, we’ll get back with you as soon.  Cheers!

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